Electricity is something you learn to notice when it is missing. When it is there, it seems not to exist. When it is not there you notice how much it is worth.

We put all the energy we have into a work that brings light, heat, comforts and safety.


Electrical installations

  • Installation, maintenance and adjustment of conversion plants/systems, transport and MT/BT energy supply
  • Electrical industrial automation
  • Plants of subservience to mechanical systems
  • Renewable energy production (photovoltaic, heating solar systems)

Plants of subservience

  • Heating and thermoventilation systems
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Water and sanitary systems
  • Automatic regulation systems
  • Thermal power stations and Refrigerating plants
  • Heat recovery systems

Special systems

  • Fire and gas leak detection
  • Automatic extinguishing/deactivation systems
  • Antitheft systems for aggression and robbery
  • Entrance control­shoplifting prevention systems
  • Local and remote video surveillance
  • Acoustic systems
  • Structured wirings


  • Feasibility studies
  • Inspections and reports (L. 37/08)
  • Preventive planning and executive planning
  • Material supply and installation
  • Work management
  • Technical assistance on site
  • Setting, first start and maintenance of systems
  • Planned maintenance and extraordinary repairs agreements





The company is based in Merone, Como. On a 700 mq surface you can find the administrative office and the technical one, the warehouse and the mechanical workshop equipped for the realisation of switchboards and the prefabrication of plants. The company owns both permanent and temporary construction sites and can operate in complete autonomy. We also began to collaborate with other business partners for the realisation of the mechanical parts reaching excellent results.